Measuring radon, made easy

corentium home is the most user friendly radon monitor on the market, which makes it very easy to measure and monitor the radon level in your home, workplace, school or kindergarten. Being battery powered with a very long battery life, gives the flexibility of placing the monitor were you would like to measure. Follow the 6 steps below or watch the video to get started!

How to use the product


Made for everyone

Corentium is by design extremely easy to use. No need to be a radon expert to get your home tested.

Made for everyone

Smooth startup

Install the batteries supplied, and the Corentium automatically enters a startup process. The device is ready to start measuring within seconds.

Smooth startup


Being battery powered, it is easy to place the Corentium in all rooms you should measure, for instance bedrooms and living rooms.


Easy in use

The Corentium shows both short and long term readings, giving you the possibility both to consider potential health risk (long term) and measures taken to lower the radon level (short term).

Easy in use

Free reporting

Generate a free radon report, and get an assessment of the radon level against national recommendations.
Free radon report


Stay confident

By leaving the Corentium activated continuously you secure the health of you and your family!

Product spec
Product spec

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